Czech Authorities Want to Increase Penalties for Parking that Obstructs Traffic

The Czech Ministry of Transport is preparing to substantially increase the penalties for improper parking that disrupts traffic or blocks public transport.

This most often happens with trams, when drivers park their cars too far from the curb or second row, blocking the tracks. Trams are frequently affected by cars parked too far from the curb, which delays both public and private transportation.

The current maximum fine of CZK 2,000 is proposed to be raised to CZK 10,000. The suggested alterations are based on an amendment to the Road Traffic Act, approved by the lower house of Parliament on February 21.

If the proposed legislation finds support in the Senate – and is subsequently signed by the President – it will come into effect on January 2024 The law will now include sanctions on “stopping or parking that has obstructed traffic”.

Currently, this act is categorized as improper parking, but under the proposed legislation it would be classified as a misdemeanour of medium severity – such as parking in a disabled space.

“The offender will face a fine of CZK 2,500 to CZK 3,500 on the spot, or CZK 4,000 to CZK 10,000 in the case of an administrative proceeding. If you simply parked incorrectly, it is a much less serious offense than when your wrong parking has caused difficulties for traffic,” Transport Minister Martin Kupka told Czech Television.

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