Czech 3D-Printed Floating House is Now Complete

The Czech 3D-printed floating house has been completed in České Budějovice.

The entire structure, including the interior partitions, was printed in 22 hours and required a total of 17 tons of concrete mixture.

The project called ‘Prvok’ comes with sustainable solutions such as a green roof and reduced costs and carbon emissions compared to a regular construction.

PRVK is now going through a series of tests to ensure proper performance.

“Despite minor issues caused by the weather, we managed to 3D-print the house successfully. It took us 22 hours in total and we needed 17 tons of custom-developed mixture. As the concrete will take 28 days to harden, we are completing the house, preparing the green roof, floors, all distributions, doors, windows, etc,” said sculptor and project leader Michal Trpák in a statement.

The simple 43-square meter floor plan includes a living room with a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

“The house is intended as a leisure-time house to stand in the countryside, ideally for a couple or a small family,” added Trpak, who drew inspiration from 3D-printed housing projects in the Netherlands.

The 3D-printed house is planned to float on the Vltava river in Prague this August.


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