Prague Based Catering Offers Easter Menus For Celebration

culinaria catering easter

Culinaria Catering is a catering company based in Prague with expertise in-home delivery and takeaways of traditional holiday menus.

This Easter, Culinaria catering has created yet another delicious seasonal menu for the Easter holidays which is available for home delivery, so customers can still take advantage and enjoy a traditional global holiday amidst Covid-19 restrictions.

Dine well with food from a traditional Anglo/American Easter menu available from Thursday, April 1st to Monday, April 5th 2021.

The catering company is offering an amazing and tasty selection of classic Easter Dishes from starters, soups, main courses to pastries and desserts. Hot cross buns, traditional Easter ham, seasonal vegetable dishes, and fresh salads reminiscent of Spring.

Customers can choose to enjoy a special and seasonal meal throughout Easter weekend, or they can order a full buffet for Easter brunch.

Moreover, Culinaria’s e-shop lets customers have the opportunity to build their own menus or their own grand buffets. Customers can also add extra goodies with their orders, since it’s going to be a long 4-day weekend.

Pre-orders of 48 hours in advance are required, then the menu will be ready for delivery all Easter weekend and Easter Monday.

During Passover, customers can find special items like beef brisket, flourless chocolate cake, and more items to celebrate Passover from Saturday the 27th of March to Sunday the 4th of April.

Check out the e-shop here. Happy Easter and Passover!

culinaria catering easter

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