COVID-19 Infection Cases Rising For the Third Day in a Row

Czechs’s confirmed coronavirus cases increased by 103 to 7682, data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases showed today, marking a third consecutive day of new infections accelerating.

The daily increase in COVID-19 confirmed cases steadily slowed from April 20 to 27, falling to 41 cases per day.

It was the lowest daily increase since March 13. From Tuesday, however, the daily increase began to accelerate again. The ministry has not yet published data on the number of tests performed on Thursday.

Compared to the numbers from Thursday evening, the number of people recovered increased by 33 to 3314 and the number of deaths increased by one to 236.

Czechs have been advised to stay at home as much as possible and continue to apply physical distancing.

In Germany the situation is similar.

Since Angela Merkel announced a relaxation of lockdown measures the reproduction rate of the virus – known as R – has risen towards one again. That means it is at risk of resuming rapid growth.

Social distancing measures in Germany will be extended until May 10, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff said ahead of a government meeting later on Thursday to review lockdown restrictions.

On April 30, the Czech Government has abolished the tax on immovable property acquisitions and at the same time cancel tax deductions for new mortgages.

From May 11, announced to have abolished the tax on immovable property acquisitions and at the same time cancel tax deductions for new mortgages.

Moreover, cinemas, and theaters, can reopen. Sports and cultural events (up to 100 people) will be able to take place again. The rule will also applies to weddings and church services.


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