Could Electric Cars Soon be the Future for the Czech Republic?

Electric Cars czechia

By 2025, there are plans for 3,000 charging points for electric cars to be created in the Czech Republic.

According to the National Action Plan, net mobility also expects up to 500,000 fully electric vehicles to run in the country by 2030.

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Eduard Muřický, said that the automotive industry is the basic pillar of industry and the economy in the Czech Republic, accounting for about one tenth of GDP and 20 percent of exports.

“By 2030, 35,000 charging points should also be generated, especially fast ones,” he added.

The new charging port plans follow from the Memorandum on Cooperation in the Development of Electromobility in the Czech Republic, signed by representatives of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, infrastructure managers, ČEZ and Škoda Auto.

According to Škoda Auto, the charging stations are to be set up at railway stations and along the main roads and powered by carbon-neutral electricity from ČEZ to significantly accelerate the transition to electromobility.

Among other things, decisions will be made based on data on the busiest road routes.

The country is working on decarbonization and one of the possible ways to do this, and to support electromobility, is through the construction of a large factory to produce car batteries in the Czech Republic.

The country wants to invest in reducing dependence on coal, strengthening nuclear energy, green energy, and renewable energy.

The Czech Republic has declared that it will support net mobility with CZK 16.5 billion between the years of 2021 and 2030.

Including investments in the decarbonization of public transport, this will amount to a total of CZK 33 billion.


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