Citymapper Launched in Prague: One app for ALL Urban Mobility

Citymapper prague app

Citymapper for iOS and Android has been launched in Prague, as part of their European expansion.

The award-winning urban navigation app (Apple’s “Apps of the Year” for 5 years in a row and Google’s Editors’ Choice) helps find the best route by integrating data from all public transport providers, with real-time information and step-by-step guidance for each leg of the journey.

What makes Citymapper stand out against the competition is the depth of their transport data and the integration of all transport modes.

As cities become more multimodal and new modes like e-bikes, scooters, mopeds, carsharing, and ride-hailing are starting to complement traditional public transport, Citymapper has integrated them all, so users can get from A to B in every way possible.

Through its transit data factory with dozens of custom-built tools and a team of analysts, Citymapper generates the most accurate information everywhere, including real-time departures, delays, re-routes, best carriages, most convenient station exits and real-time traffic analysis.

About Citymapper

Citymapper is the ultimate transport app and technology for mobility in cities. Citymapper has expanded to over 90 urban areas, now covering the majority of the US, Europe, and many cities across the world.


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