Cimrman – Unique Theatre in Prague

Well, you have to be lucky to visit this theatre and see the play performed in English. However, it is my most favorite cultural gem of Czech Republic – Divadlo Jary Cimrmana (Theatre of Jara Cimrman) and I cannot keep this a secret from you.

Two years ago a group of English-speaking theatre enthusiasts took it upon themselves to translate the genius of the most famous Czech playwright, sportsman, engineer, composer, detective, inventor, and self-taught gynecologist Jara Cimrman into English and formed the Cimrman English Theatre.

If you ask any Czech about Jara Cimrman, you will hear a lot of stories and you would be assured that he is a national hero. If you ask any foreigner, you will probably realize that nobody outside of this country has ever heard of Jara Cimrman.

Maybe this is because of the fact that he is only a fictional person (nevertheless, he was nominated to the post of Czech president). Seeing the play in this theater (written by Jara Cimrman) will illustrate the typically Czech sense of humor.

So, if you are reading this during your visit to Prague, it is probably too late to get the tickets. But if you are (unlike me) planning your visit ahead of time, buy the tickets online and do not miss this unique experience!

The tickets for the performance on 7th and 25th of October are still available…

Author: Michal Lebl. You can find the original article here

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