Chocolate Sculptures — The First Time Ever in Prague!

As part of the Chocolate Festival, ChrisEvents organizes the very first of its kind in Central Europe and in the Czech Republic — an exhibition of chocolate sculptures.

ChrisEvents is the largest exhibition of chocolate sculptures ever, comprising more than 20 sculptures of chocolate animals that will delight the young and old at the Harfa Gallery in Prague.

Taking place from October 18 to 20, the festival will set aside a space of 300 m2 for the incredible exhibition. If the festival lasts 3 days, its sculpture exhibition will be extended until October 28.

The idea came from the director of the Belgian company Imagine Events, who thought of sculptures made from sand or ice and decided to try the same with chocolate.

Imagine began to prepare around 40 impressive sculptures. One of its first pieces was a statue of a gorilla, weighing almost 150 kg. The most admirable chocolate sculptures are poured out using a gypsum mold, the smaller ones are sculpted directly from a block of chocolate. However, they are not edible. The chocolate used in their manufacture is prepared from chocolate waste. And the statues travel, so they have to be repaired and remodeled from time to time. Colors used for mixing were white, milk, and dark chocolate. The statues must be properly preserved between temperatures of 17 and 23 degrees.

The animals will be exhibited in an engaging environment (a real small jungle, where sound will be incorporated for livelier effects). We will create a unique and extraordinary atmosphere for you.

The exhibition will be accompanied by information panels, in which visitors can learn more about individual animals, and children can be engaged in some activities.


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