Bar No. 7 in Prague Brings Beer to Your Door (With FREE Delivery)

The questions over the long-lasting impact of the coronavirus on daily life and the global…

Coronavirus Impact on Loans and Apartment Rentals

With regard to the current market situation, it is obvious that the solvency of entrepreneurs…

Prague Removes Konev Statue. Russia Promises an “Adequate Reaction”

Prague authorities on Friday said they had removed a controversial Soviet-era statue, despite protests from…

Prague City Disinfects Náplavka To Fight Virus

Workers cleaned the Naplavka embankment along the Vltava River in Prague with disinfectant spray in…

Airbnb Flats Are Empty or How the Coronavirus is Affecting Prague’s Real Estate Market

The coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns have left virtually no industry untouched. Among the many affected is the short-term-rental industry in Prague.

Czechs to Test Virus Incidence in People Without Symptoms

Czech officials plan to test 5,000 people without coronavirus symptoms to get an idea of the real incidence of the disease.

New Project Aims to Get Volunteers in Prague is a new project that aims to collect volunteers and maximize the number of skills and talents, to help those in need during these trying times.

BREAKING: in the Czech Republic ALL the Monuments and Sculptures Have to Wear a Face Mask

On Wednesday, April 1, the Czech Ministry of Happiness took another measure to fight the…

Czech Artist David Černý Unveils His Latest Sculpture

BB Centrum in Prague 4 has been decorating with an unusual car since yesterday. The work is a legendary Porsche 911 by the Czech artist and sculptor David Černý.

Generali Completed the Acquisition of Kotva

Generali has officially acquired Kotva for almost than CZK 4 bn according to CTK. According…