Czech Cardinal Duka Calls Coronavirus “Chinese Biological Weapon”

cardinal duka coronavirus

Czech Cardinal Dominik Duka gave a sermon in early February where he made some bold claims about the COVID-19 virus.

Duka claimed the virus originated as a biological weapon and that his claims could be supported by the military.

“All military specialists around the world are convinced of this, who are either afraid to say it or they must not say it,” Duka claimed during the sermon.

Jiří Prinz, a spokesman for the archbishop of Prague told CNN Prima News that the cardinal made this statement as more of a theory but that his claim is supported by members of the Czech army.

Despite this statement, Prinz did not indicate which member of the Czech army would support such a claim.

The Czech military has made it clear that they do not agree with Duka’s sermon.

Jan Pejšek, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, told “We have no such evidence, nor have we ever presented it anywhere. The World Health Organization is now trying to find out the origin of the virus. We will wait for the opinion of the experts. We refuse to speculate,” said Pejšek.

Duka also made comments about how the virus is outperforming our advanced society.

“The invisible virus can deal with us and also with the whole scientific or advanced society. With a company that tries to help but can’t. On the contrary – fear and anxiety are spreading more and more. And child resistance. “

Cardinal Duka’s sermon has been met with much criticism as many claims that he is spreading misinformation to his congregation.

Czech immunologist Václav Hořejší spoke out against the cardinal’s controversial statements in an interview with CNN Prima News.

“What I have heard is absolutely scandalous. The cardinal becomes a spreader of false news. I am also a Catholic and I am ashamed and I am embarrassed that our church is headed by such a person, “

The full sermon from February 6 featuring the cardinal’s claims can be viewed here.

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