Buzz Accelerates Opening of Popular Summer Destinations From Prague

The Polish airline company Buzz, one of the largest charter airlines in Central and Eastern Europe, wants to start flying from Prague to popular tourist destinations.

“Czech customers and travel agents do not have to worry about vacancies in the sun next summer. Buzz is in advanced negotiations with key travel operators and Ryanair to expand its services from Prague to other destinations,” said Michał Kaczmarzyk, CEO of Buzz.

Buzz is the CEE’s largest charter airline with a fleet of 47 aircraft based in 4 countries.

The Polish airline would like to start flying from Prague to the Canary Islands or Morocco this year, and from next year it would launch flights to Spain, Italy, Turkey, or Greece.

“At a time when other airlines are looking for state support to prevent collapse, Buzz will provide reliable fares and services to and from Prague on modern Boeing 737 aircraft,” says Kaczmarzyk.

Buzz airlines now want to negotiate with Czech travel agencies so that they can arrange holiday flights. “We are not negotiating with Buzz yet,” said CK spokesman Exim Tours. However, Alexandria is not opposed to any cooperation.

“We do not oppose these negotiations. However, it will be a matter of not only thinking about Prague but also other airports, such as Brno, Ostrava, Pardubice,” said the company’s representatives.

Today, large Czech travel agencies resumed the sale of summer trips to other destinations, such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia and Hungary.

According to CK Alexandria, the first flights should take place at the end of June, at the latest at the beginning of July. Exim Tours confirms that the interest of clients is huge.

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