Business Management in English Entirely Online at Unicorn University

Unicorn University has successfully accredited the online form of the Business Management bachelor’s study program in English. The first students who can apply for the program now will start studying in February 2023.

The Business Management study program prepares students for management positions, especially in middle management, and provides them with key know-how important for starting their own business,” says prof. Ing. Jan Čadil, Ph.D., the President of the University and the guarantor of the Business Management study program.

Online education’s primary advantage is that it allows students to study according to their own time options. This opens the way to graduating from university, even for people who otherwise would not be able to do so. These are, for example, mothers taking care of children or working or otherwise busy people. This fact is also confirmed by the director of Unicorn University, Ing. Marek Beránek, Ph.D.:

Unicorn University’s mission is, among other things, to provide simple access to education and enable people to study from anywhere and at any time. Thanks to the fact that we now have an accredited online form of study in English, we want to offer this option to students from all over the world.

It should be emphasized that a critical element of online studies is self-study. Unicorn University has sophisticated and complete e-learning study materials that prepare students comprehensively, including testing and a feedback system. Students can access interactive online books and courses, video tutorials, and recorded lectures. In addition, they can regularly consult the material with teachers as part of online consultations, lectures, and seminars.

Students of the Business Management program will acquire knowledge and skills in economics, banking, project management, and marketing. Within the study, great emphasis is placed on mastering IT technologies that are currently integral to effective leadership.

A strong connection with practice is essential to studying at Unicorn University. Experts from the corporate sphere are intensively involved in the teaching, and students often solve complex tasks with them during workshops. The study also includes a mandatory six-month internship at a selected company or institution, which can take place online. Thanks to this, students will gain invaluable experience in a natural environment.

Those interested in studying the online bachelor’s degree program in Business Management in English can apply to study until January 31, 2023, via the online form on the website of Unicorn University. The entrance exams take the form of an online interview to determine the motivation to study and the level of English.

A total of 830 students from 17 countries are currently studying at Unicorn University.

Complete information about study options and the university is available on the website:

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