Bucha Massacre: Protest in Front of Russian Embassy in Prague

Protest in Front of Russian Embassy in Prague

A few dozens of demonstrators took part in the protest held in front of the Russian Embassy in Prague on Saturday morning, calling attention to the murder of innocent civilians in Ukraine.

The event had protesters lying on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs, as the murdered citizens of Bucha appeared to be in the video evidence of the killings.

The action in front of the Russian Embassy began at 1 p.m. and lasted approximately twenty minutes. It was supervised by police, who diverted traffic.

Ukraine’s recent counterattack against retreating Russian forces from multiple parts of Ukraine has revealed civilian casualties that have caught the attention of the international community.

Photos and videos in Bucha show dozens if not hundreds of murdered civilians on the streets, some of them appearing to have been shot in the back of the head after their hands were tied.

Protest in Front of Russian Embassy in Prague

Protest in Front of Russian Embassy in Prague

Czech diplomats are set to return to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the minister of foreign affairs, Jan Lipavksý, said on Friday. The city’s Czech Embassy would reopen soon. It was closed on February 24.

The Czech Republic has become the first NATO country to send tanks to Ukraine, providing T-72 and armoured infantry vehicles following President Zelensky’s plea for help.

The defence ministry told daily Aktuálně.cz that since the first days of the Russian invasion, the ministry has been helping Ukraine with military material from the Czech army’s stocks, currently worth almost €41 million.

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