Brno Ends Partnerships With Russian Cities

A few hours after Russia launched its attack on Ukraine, the Czech City of Brno began taking steps to assist the local community of Ukrainians and those who will be forced to flee their country.

In addition to discussing how it can provide financial and humanitarian assistance, the municipality further addressed its partnerships with Russian cities.

“As an act of solidarity with Ukraine, we also voted at the council today to terminate partnership agreements with Russian cities, specifically Moscow and Voronezh,” revealed the Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková.

In a press release, the City of Brno reported that it will send CZK 10 million to help the citizens of Ukraine. Taking this further, it will turn to the Ukrainian embassy to seek ways in which it can most effectively use the money directly in the country.

Beyond this, Mayor Vaňková explained that she will contact the mayors and leaders of all city districts, companies, and contributory organizations to check their housing stock.

In other words, Brno will search for ways in which it can provide those fleeing war zones with temporary accommodation.

Meeting with Ukrainian Consul Anna Proshko on 23 February, Mayor Vaňková further discussed humanitarian aid in the form of medical materials, which it plans to send to the hospitals of its partner city, Kharkiv.

Lastly, Brno will set up a special telephone hotline in cooperation with Diecézní Charita Brno, where people can call with questions or offers of help. The hotline will operate from tomorrow (25 February) on 516 410 668 and 737 234 078. Those who want to make financial donations to the Diecézní Charita Brno are also encouraged to do so.

“As a mother of two, I cannot imagine myself in a situation similar to that faced by the people of Ukraine, especially in the bombed-out cities and borders. It is our duty to fight for democracy, to try to stop aggression and, above all, to help those who need it,” Mayor Vaňková shared.


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