Book Therapy: Must Place for Book Lovers!

Prague’s Vinohrady district has many great spots and Book Therapy is one of them. Located in Římska street this unique bookstore is the right place to visit for any book and aesthetic lover.

In 50 sqm you can find carefully selected titles – the owners of Book therapy make sure that only good stuff is selected in the bookstore portfolio.

This is confirmed also because Book Therapy got selected to be part of a famous book list “Do you read me?” as one of the best bookstores in the world.

You can find some of the best worlds and Czech books focused on design, architecture, fashion, lifestyle, cooking, and children – don’t expect regular novels and fiction.

The place itself doesn’t offer just books but also will flatter to every aesthetic eye. An industrial vibe with a clean design where every book has its place. No confusing rows of books – each book is on display. The owners of the place believe that the cover of the book is important as much as the book itself – that’s why it is very hard to leave the store with empty hands.

If you cannot make it to the store – they have you covered! Simply shop directly from your WhatsApp. You can conveniently view and order the books and have them delivered around Prague within 120 minutes. If you need any help very helpful staff will communicate with you and try to answer any question you have.

The people behind Book Therapy love their books and they try to pass their passion and personal approach to their customers. That’s why they came up with a unique concept “Book Therapy VIP Experience. Simply book your experience and enjoy browsing books with a glass of wine all by yourself.

Note for parents: Book Therapy offers a Flowers and Dinosaurs subscription program – every month you will receive two books for your kids to help them develop their creativity and personality.

Address: Římska 35, Prague 2

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