Bohemia Sekt: The Kingdom of Sparkling Wine

The end of the year is almost here. Few people can imagine a New Year’s Eve party without a glass of bubbly.

If you’re planning to celebrate in Prague or somewhere else in Czechia, you’ll appreciate a few tips for the best sparkling wine produced by Bohemian and Moravian winemakers.

Bohemia Sekt is the most famous and most popular Czech sparkling winemaker. Paradoxically, it is made in Starý Plzenec, near Plzeň, the mecca of all beer lovers. The delicious sparkling wine can be purchased in almost every Czech shop or restaurant.

Did you know that?

  • One glass of Bohemia Sekt contains about a million and half fine bubbles
  • The plastic stopper for sparkling wine bottles was invented in Czechia
  • You’ll find a giant stopper in front of the Bohemia Sekt building, a popular place to take photos
  • In 2021, over five million bottles sold during Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Czechia

The American soldiers and happy citizens drank about 37,000 bottles of this sparkling wine when celebrating the liberation of Plzeň at the end of WWII

Our Tip

Take a tour of the factory to uncover the secret of the production of sparkling wine, see the original cellars from the nineteenth century and taste the wine right at the source.

An experienced sommelier will tell you how to distinguish the unique aroma and flavour of different wines, of which they make about eighteen here! The tour has to be booked in advance.

The greatest tradition of Czech viticulture can be found in South Moravia. The sunlit, golden beauty of local vineyards and the picturesque wine cellars will charm you.

Besides the regular wines, local winemakers also produce the increasingly popular sparkling wine and sekt.

For example, the Znovín Winery makes sparkling wine following the traditional methods of bottle ageing. Vinselekt Michlovský is also a guarantee of excellent quality; the winery also makes organic wine and has won many awards for their work.

And the Templářské sklepy in Čejkovice have been making both Classique and Charmat sparkling wine for ages.

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