is Entering Second Season With Faster Electric Mopeds

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Acceleration of a substantial part of the mopeds, establishing cooperation with a group of couriers, or adding charging phone holders.

The company E-sharing s.r.o., which provides shared electric mopeds under the brand, has not been idle during the winter break. Their customers can rely on a disinfectant in the trunk of each vehicle.

Polish franchise has entered the domestic market only last June but its shared electric mopeds have quickly become popular in Prague. In order to offer enhanced comfort to drivers in the second season, the team worked forward technical and practical improvements.

“We have gathered feedback from our customers for the past months and based on that our team added improvements to our mopeds which will move eco-driving to a new level. Shared mobility is getting more opportunities in Prague and that motivates us a lot,” says Jan Kanta, the CEO of E-sharing.

Over 50% of mopeds got faster

Both new and regular users of can look forward to faster mopeds as the company equipped more than half of the vehicles with new regulators that have a considerable impact on the speed. The users will recognize the accelerated mopeds by seeing a lightning emoji in the application.

“We have also adjusted all the electric mopeds and ensured everything is in order throughout the winter so the customers do not have to worry about their safety”, adds Jan Kanta. Technology lovers will appreciate innovation in the form of phone holders. They are fixed on the handlebars and have a USB port for charging the phone battery.

Users do not have to search for their smartphone in their pockets anymore and instead have it in front of them during the whole ride.

Disinfectant in the trunk and useful sticker

Besides phone holders, riders can expect hand sanitizers that can also be used for helmets. All you have to do is open the trunk and the sanitizer is there for immediate use. “We are all well aware that hygiene is very important not just during the pandemic. We put the health of our riders first and we did not hesitate to provide disinfection. I believe it will be beneficial,” says CEO Kanta.

Compared to the previous year, there is a new sticker with the company number and a sign “Is the moped improperly parked? Call us.” In case the moped is parked inappropriately, you can call the customer line and E-sharing employees will take care of it.

Shared mobility is increasingly popular

Demand for electric mopeds and other shared transport is on the rise in cities, illustrated by data from the Polish company base.

The company has more than 1 million users in Europe. Electric mopeds were generally doing well last year in spite of the pandemic. According to Global Moped Sharing Market research, 4.8 million riders used electric mopeds in 2019. Last year, it was 8.7 million users.

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