Why Workouts and Saunas are a Good Idea For You?

New Year is here together with winter at full speed and some of us trying to achieve already our New year’s fitness resolutions. As every year, I promised myself to exercise regularly trying to live healthier. After so many years I hope this year is the year. But this time I added a little note to myself – not just to try exercise only but also to take care of myself outside and inside properly.

My number one step? A sauna after a workout. I believe that the one thing you can do in wintertime is to have a sauna session. Imagine not to rush after a workout into a cold shower and then home but take an extra 30-minute session to sweat and relax.

Saunas are not good just for your physical but also for your mental health.

There are several benefits to a post-workout sauna that you might miss out on. How a 15-30min sauna season can benefit you?

  1. Heart health
  2. Improves your performance
  3. Improved immunity
  4. Muscle recovery
  5. Better skin
  6. Deep relaxation

By taking a sauna right after a workout we are risking being dehydrated that’s why don’t forget to drink a glass of water before you enter the sauna and continue during and after the sauna. Sweating is depleting our bodies of water so it’s very important to drink in order not to get dehydrated, especially after a workout.

Cool your body down between sauna sessions with a cold shower or cold bath. I know it is pain after a warm feeling in the sauna, but it’s extremely important for your blood circulation and also nicely refreshing.

Before you decide to make saunas your weekly routine make sure to double-check with your doctor. Saunas are a benefit for your health unless you have a blood pressure issue, high sugar levels or any sort of cardiovascular condition.

Here is the list of my favorite fitness venues with sauna:


  1. Euforie Fitness & Wellness

Pitterova 2878/5, 130 00 – Prague 3

  1. Balance Club Brumlovka

Vyskočilova 1100/2, 140 00 – Prague 4

  1. LivingWell Health Club & Spa

Pobřežní 1, 186 00 – Prague 8

  1. Form Factory

OC Nový Smíchov, 2. floor Plzeňská 8, 150 00 – Prague 5

  1. Sportcentrum YMCA

Na Poříčí 1041/12, 115 30 – New Town

  1. Squash Haštal

Haštalská 731/20, 110 00 – Old Town

  1. Daily Fitness Vyšehrad

Kongresové centrum, 5. Května 1640/65, 140 00 – Prague 4

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