The 5 Best Croissants in Prague

Best Croissants in prague

Unlike cronuts, croissants are one of those pastries that seem like they have been around forever. And, well, that’s because they pretty much have.

Perfectly baked and delightfully flaky, the croissant has roots that go all the way back to 13th century Austria. Today, this ubiquitous baked good is savored with morning coffee, used as lunchtime sandwich bread, and served as a post-dinner dessert.

To help you find tasty croissants near you, we put together a list of the best places in Prague.


aux Merveilleux de fred

Prague’s newest bakery aux Merveilleux de fred has a lot to live up to. The cooks bake various brioche pastries (“les cramiques”) all day long, and you can watch them working through a large window. Their pure butter croissants are made in accordance with a traditional recipe and technique: here you can try the most authentic French croissant in the city.

Fred doesn’t only make brioche.  The stars of his shops are the “merveilleux”, lightweight delicacies crafted from meringue and cream.


Cukrárna Myšák

The croissants here are to die for- especially the all-butter ones which are their signature product. At Myšák you will find several flavours which differ from the norm. If you’re looking for a real treat, you should try their lemon croissant with strawberries or the one with pistachio.


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Artic Bakehouse

Here at Artic Bakehouse, you can find many delicious pastries on offer. You can stick to proven classics, or experiment with new and exciting flavours they have available. Artic Bakehouse has delicious raspberry scones which are a must to try- and of course, their croissants are delicious and one of a kind. They have a choice of classic butter, chocolate, nougat and almond!


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Defidu Bakery

Butter, chocolate, pistachio, passion fruit, salted peanut, or jam- all delicious flavours to choose from here at Defidu Bakery! One thing unique about this shop is that they offer a giant croissant which will serve up to 10 people- maybe try this next time with your friends and family instead of a traditional birthday cake!


Prokop Coffee & Croissants

This cozy cafe is located just a few steps from Masaryk Railway Station and offers some of the best croissants in town! You can order traditional ones or some croissants with exciting fillings. We suggest raspberry and chocolate- you won’t be disappointed. 



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