Best and Worst Cities for Drivers: Prague Ranks 59th

Today, a press release by the 2019 Driving Cities Index released newfound data on an investigation into the best and worst cities for driving around the world.

The study not only identifies which cities are “best” and “worst” to drive in, but it also points out the various factors that affect our morning commute, our road trip plans, and our reliance on cars in general. Because a number of elements affect the driver experience—like infrastructure, congestion, air pollution, and others—a study like this one can help show how cities are successfully, or unsuccessfully, utilizing infrastructure and legislation to improve driving conditions.

With regard to accidents, taking into account the size of their populations, Manchester, England and Stockholm, have the lowest fatality rates. At the other end of the scale, Lagos, Orlando, Florida and Kolkata, India are among the most dangerous cities for drivers.

The study found that Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia had the worst problem with road rage, with a score of 99.12.

It also had a death rate of 16.5 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Moscow came second, with a road rage score of 98.46.

Osaka in Japan was found to have the calmest drivers with a road rage score of just 1 and a fatality rate of 3.20 per 100,000.

The best cities for driving
1. Calgary, Canada
2. Dubai, UAE
3. Ottawa, Canada
4. Bern, Switzerland
5. El Paso, USA

The worst cities for driving
1. Mumbai, India
2. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
3. Kolkata, India
4. Lagos, Nigeria
5. Karachi, Pakistan

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