Beer Garden Karlín to Reopen on May 17

Located not far from the banks of the Vltava in the trendy Karlín neighborhood, this establishment looks to reinvigorate the Beer Garden experience in Prague.

Run by the Hilton, Beer Garden Karlín will officially reopen on May 17, with a special offer for the opening week: get any large beer on tap for the price of a small one!

Beer Garden Karlín has six beers on tap including familiar 10- and 11-degree options and more specialized beers like a wheat beer.

The grill features OTB burgers, Prague ham, grilled halloumi, and much more.

Beer Garden Karlín offers also a selection of cocktails (Aperol Spritz, G&T, Hugo, Lillet Rosé), summer Sangria and home-made lemonade.

Is it expensive? Here’s some more good news. While keeping the quality levels high, they’re also offering great prices on both food and drink. You can get a small beer for 30 CZK, and a half-liter of 11-degree Staropramen will cost you 40 CZK.

If you’re cycling or skating nearby, this spot makes a great exercise pit stop. The garden is also dog and child-friendly.

With a total capacity of 450 people, flexible set up of beer benches, lounge furniture, dining tables, and standing cocktail tables, we will create the right ambiance for your party.

Beer Garden Karlín is open every day from 4 pm till 10 pm.


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