Be Silly, Be Delicious – New Belgian Beers Bar in Prague!

Try a variety of delicious Belgian beers and specialties brought to Prague at Be Silly. Beer lovers beware!

Newly opened bar is here to fill your glass with delicious Belgian beer and your plate with amazing Belgian food.

Located in Vinohrady at Korunní 48, you can find the only place in Prague where flavors of Belgian Brasserie de Silly are offered for you to try.

With a selection of 16 beers, there is something for everyone. No worries for the foodies out there, Be Silly also serves great Belgian-inspired food, from pulled meat waffles, to burgers, and of course famous Belgian fries. The bar is open every day with a special brunch menu on weekends.

Be Silly might have been opened recently, but their story wouldn’t be complete without Brasserie de Silly which dates back to 1850.

It started when descendants of family Van der Haegen decided to brew beer to keep their seasonal workers employed.

Their first beer, called Saison Silly, was made with whatever resources were available and was the beginning
of the brewery’s story. After a while, the family decided to specialize into the craft of brewing and the passion for beer has been passed on for generations.

Their beer selection is now brought to Prague at Be Silly, because as manager and co-owner Ivan Černický put it,
“Czech and Belgian people have two things in common: their love for football and their love for beer.”

With such rich history there is no doubt your glass of beer will be filled with stories, Silly Scotch being a perfect example. “It was first made in 1918 after WW1, when British troops in Belgium wanted beer they were missing from home. They went to the brewery and asked the family to make it for them. One of the soldiers, Jack Peyne, was a brewer in Scotland and offered to make it together with the owner. Everyone loved it so much that the beer stayed. The brewery hasn’t changed the recipe since,” Ivan explains.

Enghien Blonde, a top- fermented ale, has also been a success story for the brewery after winning a silver medal at
the Brussels Beer Competition in 2020.

Other favorites include Silly Kriek, Silly Session IPA, and Triple Swaf. Be Silly offers beer flights for you to try a selection, and the staff is always happy to help you make a choice.

Cocktails are also on the menu, with beer always included as ingredient.

Their unique meals are also worth a try; with real Belgian fries and sauces, specially made pistolets for the burgers and famous Belgian waffles, what’s not to like? Enjoy your beer and food while watching sport events, or with the company of friends.

We definitely recommend getting your taste of Belgium at Be Silly!

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