Prague Comes Alive With Barrel Organ Music Festival

The beginning of August traditionally belongs to the flute players in Prague.

This year, the National Museum has already prepared the 9th edition of the Flašinet žije! festival, which will take place on Saturday, August 13, 2022.

Street artists from various parts of the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France will enliven the center of Prague with three concerts of different genres.

The festival will start at 10.00 with a concert in the church of St. Nicholas on Old Town Square, where the Baroque church will resound with popular compositions of classical music. At 3 pm, improvised performances by flutists will be heard on Na Kampe Square near Charles Bridge.

Barrel organ players will play their machines and passers-by will be able to see them from all sides.

A barrel organ is a mechanical musical instrument made of bellows and one or more ranks of pipes, all typically housed in a whimsical, wooden case.

The evening concert, which will take place at 7 pm in the Czech Museum of Music, will feature Pachelbel’s Canon in D, Dvořák’s Humoresque, Our Czech Song, and many other popular melodies. After the final concert, listeners can take a closer look at the different types of flute, ask players what they are interested in and try playing the flute.

Throughout the day, the Czech Museum of Music and its permanent exhibition will be open to visitors, which includes, for example, a large fairground orchestra or a banjo player’s game machine.

Admission to the Czech Museum of Music and all concerts is free throughout the festival.

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