Largest Virtual Reality Park Opens in Prague

Avatar Park prague

The largest virtual reality park recently opened in Prague’s Brumlovka area.

Avatar Park, with 500 square meters, offers a simulated fall from a skyscraper, a roller coaster ride, an attempt to defend a medieval castle, and a simulation of the Tour of France, amongst other attractions.

“It’s really like in reality, [with] all the details and how the whole seat is knocking with you,” says Vladimír after trying the roller coaster simulator.

A simulated fall from a skyscraper is one of Avatar Park’s best attractions. Another outstanding experience occurs when a person is placed on his stomach and then sent backward and forward achieving the feeling of flying through the air.

The park is suitable for all ages including children. The entrance is 580 Kč and valid for everything up to an hour.

“It is the largest game park with unique attractions that are not to be tried anywhere else in the virtual world. VR Park Avatar best describes words like adrenaline or an extreme experience,” stated project author Dan Broulík.

Virtual reality experiences are rapidly increasing in popularity throughout the Czech Republic.

Prague, with Avatar Park, can now welcome this new and exciting experience for both residents and out-of-town visitors.

Avatar Park prague

Avatar Park prague

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