Artmat: The First Art Machine in the Czech Republic

The first art machine in the Czech Republic launched on Tuesday.

Located in the upper part of Krymská Street in Prague 10, Artmat is made from an old cigarette machine that has a new look and function. Every box that falls out of the machine hides a small piece of art from students or graduates of art schools, but also from renowned Czech artists.

The aim of the project is mainly to introduce young artists (students and recent graduates). The form of selling art in old vending machines is inspired by other countries, particularly Germany, where similar vending machines are popular places to obtain an original souvenir.

In this old cigarette vending machine, those interested will now find boxes with small works of art such as graphic prints and illustrations, which are always accompanied by a text. “It is an original opportunity to spread quality art to the wider public, to support the work of young artists and to enrich the public space,” said Artmat founders Petra Widžová and Josefína Frýbová.

They have been following the burgeoning art scene for a long time, selecting interesting and quality artists and designers.

The unusual, playful form and location of the vending machine in the public space is therefore accessible to anyone, including foreigners, who can buy an original souvenir from a Czech artist.

Among the presented artists, the illustrator and graphic designer Martin Kyjovský, who has created a collector’s edition of playing cards for the Artmat, the illustrative group Nýbrž, the painter Martin Salajka and his limited edition of colour linocuts, Barbora Idesová with his mini serigraphy and Jakub Mikuláštík with a series dedicated to Czech birds.

Artists will gradually increase.

Photo: Facebook Artmat – automat na umění
Photo: Facebook Artmat – automat na umění
Photo: Facebook Artmat – automat na umění
Photo: Facebook Artmat – automat na umění


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