Air-Conditioned Buses Stopped Running Due to Defects

Due to some faults on the wiring, all 60 new air-conditioned buses from SOR Libchavy were shut down by the Prague Transport Company this weekend. “On the basis of the damage to the alternator buses in SOR NB 18 EURO VI Step C buses, the DPP decided to shut down the vehicle of this type for safety reasons,” DPP spokeswoman Aneta Řehková confirmed. 

According to Řehková, the defect was applied to the manufacturer. “Ensured immediate control of all these buses. As a result of the manufacturer’s statement, the vehicle was re-released on Monday. Seven pieces remain weaned until the defects discovered, which are dealt with by the manufacturer in the framework of the provided guarantees,” said spokesman Řehková.

Prague Public Transit Company bought a total of 150 machines from SOR Libchavy for one billion crowns. These are some of the first buses in Prague that are equipped with full air-conditioning. However, due to the defects that have occurred, DPP will file a complaint with the manufacturer.

Bus passengers at Václav Havel Airport would have to wait for a few more days for comfortable traveling. DPP began to deploy new air conditioning buses on line 119 from Nádraží Veleslavin to the airport.

“Novel air-conditioned buses are gradually being used on line 119. Currently, five air-conditioned buses can be operated on this line. We expect that by the end of this week, line No. 119 should be served mainly by new air-conditioned buses,” said spokesman Aneta Řehková.

Author: A.M.

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