AeroRooms Opens at Prague Airport

Prague Airport has opened the 14 room AeroRooms Hotel, designed for both connecting passengers and clients who need short-term accommodation near the terminals.

The new hotel replaces Rest&Fun Center, which offered eight rooms exclusively for passengers with connecting flights.  At the same time, Prague Airport is gradually renovating airport lounges to double their capacities and increase passenger comfort.

“Through our new AeroRooms Hotel project, we are responding to the continuously growing number of passengers and changing composition of potential customers. Our hotel is primarily to expand the airport’s accommodation capacities, increase their quality, and make them available to greater numbers of passengers,” said Jiří Petržilka, executive director of the non-aviation business of Prague Airport.

Prague Airport has invested approximately 14 million CZK into AeroRooms hotel, primarily into extensive construction and technical modifications. Their purpose was not only to increase the hotel’s capacity and establish access from the airport’s public zone, but also to ensure strict safety standards associated with the hotel’s operation directly at the terminal of a large international airport.

Hotel rates start at CZK 1,999 (approx.77 EUR) per night per room. The hotel is open non-stop.

In addition to the newly opened AeroRooms hotel, Prague Airport is also expanding its premium lounge services. In October 2019, the airport will start the renovation of Erste Premier Lounge at Terminal 2, which will be completed in time for the next summer season. The Mastercard Lounge at Terminal 1 will then be expanded. The expansion work will boost the capacity of each lounge by almost 100%.

“Passengers’ demand for lounges experience has been growing over the years. As with other airport infrastructures, however, our lounges are reaching their maximum capacities. These modifications will enable us to increase their capacities with a reserve large enough for the next seven years, when our expanded Terminal 2 will be put into operation, offering new premises for our airport’s premium services,” said Petržilka.

The new service of AeroRooms, as well as more comfortable and spacious airport lounges with their increased capacity, will contribute to meeting the strategic objective of Prague Airport in the non-aviation business, i.e. the continuously growing share of our non-aviation trade revenues in the total revenues of Prague Airport.

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