78% of Czechs Agree With Country’s Membership of NATO

The Czech Republic’s membership in NATO is supported by 78 percent of Czechs, the highest figure recorded since 1994.

The survey by the STEM agency, which was conducted at the turn of April, also indicated that only 10 percent believe that there is no threat of military conflict in Central Europe.

Seven out of ten Czechs consider the reception of Ukrainian refugees to be right. But they fear for their social security in relation to the refugees.

Support for the European Union has also increased. 54% of the population expressed a positive opinion about remaining in the EU in a possible referendum.

Almost two-thirds of respondents said they were involved in helping Ukraine, whether by offering accommodation, money or a material donation.

Seventy percent, however, are also concerned about weakening social security. Half of the public thinks that unemployment will rise because of the refugees. Czechs also do not trust the integration capacity of society.

The Czech Republic joined the North Atlantic Alliance in 1999, along with Poland and Hungary.

Six percent do not blame Russia for the conflict

Three-quarters of those surveyed said Russia was the clear guilty party in the war in Ukraine. Four percent of Czechs strongly support Russia, the poll suggests.

STEM points out that society feels an acute threat in connection with the war in Ukraine. More than a third perceive the current security situation in Central Europe as bad.


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