7 Interesting Essay Introductions You Should Try Today

A good introduction sets a perfect trend for the rest of the essay. Your introduction plays a considerable role in motivating people to keep reading your work. It also breaks down the focus areas of your writing. To grasp the reader’s attention, you need to make your essay interesting. Look at the following creative ways to start an essay.

The introduction is an integral part of the essay, and now you will learn the secrets that all the best writing services use to create the perfect essay that claims the highest score.

Ask a Question

The goal of any introduction is to engage the reader. If the opening is dull, the main body of your article will seem boring as well despite your diligent approach. Therefore, you should spend more time crafting your introduction as it determines one’s interest in the rest of your work.

Starting with a question is an excellent way to make the reader pay attention to your essay. By asking a question, you prompt them to think of an answer. Conveniently, you provide the solutions further in the paper, which increases their curiosity. So, they become compelled to keep reading.

For example, ask, “How do you contribute to the rising rate of global warming in the world?” One may be curious to discover the daily activities they take part in that harm the environment.

Mention a Figure of Authority

A powerful opening makes a big difference. While it may not be wise to use personal opinions, you could cite the idea of a more knowledgeable person. Depending on the topic you are writing on, you could let an authoritative figure present their claim. This takes away the pressure of having to sound smart and informed.

For instance, while writing a paper on psychology, you could quote a statement from Rudolf Arnheim. You could indicate that “All perceiving is also thinking, all reasoning is also intuition, all observation is also invention. …”

Add Contrast

There is no better way to attract attention than to introduce controversy. When you go against common belief, people are keen to find out your thought process and the new ideas you present. A contradictory statement reinforces your argument when you use it wisely.

Alternatively, you can use short, startling sentences that cannot leave any individual indifferent. This method requires some skill level and is often challenging as short sentences are sometimes the hardest to compose. An example of such a sentence is a statement by Robert Hass “A single line is a naked thing.”

Provide Facts

Interesting facts could come in handy when you need to intrigue your audience. Find amazing information about your topic and use it at the start of your essay.

For instance, when writing about a population-related issue, you could start with, “Did you know that the human life expectancy has risen more in the last fifty years compared to the past 200,000 years?” Such fascinating statistics evoke a person’s interest, and they will keep reading to understand how you analyze such facts.

Explain the Subject Matter

Most students use this method to introduce their essays. It’s simple since all you need to do is state what you are discussing in your work. For example, when reviewing technology in education, you can explain how current developments have transformed learning in institutions.

You can briefly comment on the influence on teachers and students before composing your thesis statement. There are numerous examples to learn from, or you can order an essay here to get the best introduction. The points you include in the beginning should be light so that you do not overshadow the body section.

Tell a Story

Stories are one of the fastest ways to win people’s attention. Many respectable published authors begin their papers with personal experiences. Stories set the scene for what you discuss in the body and allow you to take ownership of your work.

Most high school teachers strongly advise against using “I” in an essay. However, university writing rules are more permissible. When in doubt, you can clarify it with your instructor first.

Apart from your own stories, you could introduce your essay using other people’s experiences. For example, when writing about factors that led to the Great Recession in the 2000s, you could start by describing the United States housing market’s crumbling.

Use Humor

Humor is an essential part of everyday human interaction. We often use it in our conversations. The inherent need to laugh encourages people to share jokes that lighten the mood. The purpose is the same when it comes to writing. When a reader is smiling, you can be sure that they will go through all your work since they enjoy the experience.

Humor decreases the tension and is an excellent communication tool as it humanizes people. When writing on a topic related to fixing a writer’s block, you could start your introduction with “I finally got an ‘A’ on my essay! Only 1999 more words to go.”


A lot of effort goes into researching the arguments you present in your body section. When the introduction is boring, a good essay goes down the drain. Balance your effort in all areas of the paper, including the opening. Explore new ways to begin your paper to give your work that extra oomph.

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