59% of Czechs Think Homosexuality Should be Accepted by Society

The report by Pew Research Center also found that people in wealthier countries were generally more accepting of homosexuality than people in less developed countries.

Support for the LGBTQ community has generally increased in recent years. Still, some parts of the world are more accepting than others, as detailed in a report released Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

The survey, conducted in 2019, looked at how 38,000 people across 34 countries perceived homosexuality. The full question wording was: “Which one of these comes closer to your opinion? ‘Homosexuality should be accepted by society,’ or ‘Homosexuality should not be accepted by society.’

The Pew Research Center found that there is a global divide on homosexuality in general, but that there has been increasing acceptance in many countries over the past two decades.

The majority of Czechs (59%) think that homosexuality should be accepted by society, while 26% of Czechs think it shouldn’t.

However, compared to the previous 2013 study, we can notice a drastic drop as 80% of Czech respondents expressed their support in favour of homosexuality.

Rates had jumped more than 20 points in India and 16 in Turkey, but support remains low: 37% and 25%, respectively. In 2018, India’s high court decriminalized homosexuality.

Researchers found that attitudes toward homosexuality were strongly correlated with a country’s wealth. People in wealthier countries were generally more accepting of homosexuality than people in poorer, less developed countries.

Political ideology and education also correlated with acceptance of homosexuality, with left-leaning and more educated people being more supportive of societal acceptance.

More women than men, as well as younger generations, were found to be more accepting.

You can read the full report here

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