5 Tips on How to Arrange Czech Health Insurance for Foreigners

As a foreigner living long-term in the Czech Republic, you definitely had to deal with arranging some kind of health insurance.

If you come from a country with a VISA requirement and wish to stay long-term or work in Czechia, Czech health insurance is actually one of the conditions to let you into the country. What are the most important facts you must know when picking a Czech health insurance package as a foreigner?

1. EU citizens are automatically eligible for basic health care

If you plan to stay for a maximum of 6 months within a year, you are as an EU citizen automatically eligible for basic health care when presenting your European Health Insurance Card. You can benefit from urgent care such as urgent hospitalization, medicine prescriptions, urgent dental care, transportation to a medical facility, or repatriation to your home country.

However you’ll have to pay for preventive care, institutional care, rehabilitation, care during pregnancy and childbirth-related care, psychiatric and psychological care, treatment of chronic and serious diseases such as hepatitis, organ transplantation, insulin therapy, hemodialysis and more. A smart option is, therefore, to go for a comprehensive health insurance package where all the mentioned above is covered.

2. Check if you could qualify for Czech public health care

The comprehensive healthcare package is of course quite expensive (even more if you wish to have a pregnancy and childbirth-related care included), so it’s good to check out if you can somehow qualify to enter the Czech public health care system. As an EU citizen you have to meet one of these conditions:

  • Be employed at a company based in the Czech Republic.
  • Have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic.
  • Have a self-employed status while doing business solely in the Czech Republic.
  • Be eligible based on other specific EU directives.

If you don’t qualify for the public health care system and wish to benefit from a similarly broad coverage, a commercial comprehensive health insurance package for foreigners is your other option. 

3. Third-country nationals and foreigners from countries with VISA requirement must buy commercial health care packages

If a third-country national or foreigner from a country with a VISA requirement wishes to stay in the Czech Republic with other plans than a short tourist trip, usual travel insurance will not do. He must apply for a short-term or long-term visa outside the Czech Republic and prove that he had already arranged commercial basic health insurance for the time of his stay. Basic medical insurance for foreigners will do the job. But when already in the Czech Republic and applying for a visa, he must arrange the comprehensive package to meet the government requirements.

4. Make use of quick online health insurance arrangement

Thinking of moving to the Czech Republic to work or stay for a longer period of time? Already in the country and wishing to prolong your stay and have your medical expenses covered? No need to contact insurance agents or visit their offices. Check out Insurance for Foreigners at Frenkee.cz – a new online financial buddy that will help you set up your basic or comprehensive health care package in 5 minutes. Fill in some details, pick the duration of your insurance, and calculate the price of your package. Then just enter your contact information, pay the insurance premium and you’re set.

5. Try out a smart tool for bulk insurance arrangement for employment agencies

Do you connect foreign workers with job opportunities in the Czech Republic or work at an employment agency? Enter via the agency gateway on Frenkee.cz which enables you to arrange up to 2000 contracts at once and have them available 24/7 through your online account.

Who is Frenkee?

Frenkee is a new financial online portal that enables you to arrange various financial products completely online. Currently, travel insurance, liability insurance, mortgages, and health insurance for foreigners are available, liability insurance for employees and car insurance are coming up next. No need to meet up with bankers, insurance agents, or spend hours comparing deals – pick exactly the package you need from your home.

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