5 Things First: The Top Czech News Headlines

Top Czech News Headlines

If your day doesn’t start until you’re up to speed on the latest headlines, then let us introduce you to our new morning fix. 

  • The police will launch intensive inspections for compliance with epidemiological measures as of Monday (November 22), according to their post on a social network. During the checks, the police will cooperate with regional branches of the Public Health Office. “The situation is really bad, and we ask you to take care of yourselves properly,” reads the post.


  • The Czech Republic is the fifth-worst COVID-affected country of the European Union (EU), with 718 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days, while a week ago it was 10th with 499 cases, the data released by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) show.


  • People around the Czech Republic donated 410 tons of non-perishable products for the needy on Saturday within the bi-annual National Food Collection. Some 1,300 shops and supermarket chains around the country joined the charity effort.


  • Tereza Hlůšková, a Czech citizen who was detained by customs officers in the Pakistani city of Lahore with nine kilograms of heroin in 2018, was released from a Pakistani prison on Saturday.


  • On Thursday, the Slovak government decided to tighten coronavirus restrictions, especially for those who remain unvaccinated. This group of people will not be able to enter shopping malls or certain types of stores from this week.
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