5 New Openings in Prague

U Kalendů prague

Are you looking for some new places to eat? Here is a list of newly opened businesses, where you can take a break from baking cookies and shopping for gifts, and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of undisturbed dining.


Electric sheep book & bar

A cafe, cocktail room, and a place for book lovers, where you can also have space to share creative and business ideas. Does it seem like a place in a dream?

The Electric Sheep Book Bar strives to create an unforgettable experience and offer a craft cocktail menu with bold flavors and unusual ingredients. Everything we serve is vegan, from tapas to cappuccinos – and yes, even the whiskey sour!

You can also come here regularly to be inspired by their events – book clubs, creative writing workshops, open mic nights, and more. Follow their social networks so you don’t miss the current program.

Address: Nitranská 7, Prague 3

Electric sheep book & bar



A completely new space was created at Prague’s Anděl under the wings of Cafetone’s cooperation with Reknihami – the Doubletone company.

The right place for a glass of great wine, a cup of selected coffee from the Nordbeans workshop or a cocktail from the drink list created by the most professional of the most professional: Ondřej Štokl, a chief barbarian with experience in Ambiente.

Address: Nádražní 86, Prague 5




Antonie, Bluestar, Ballerina or Laura. These are the name of domestic potato varieties. And it is with them that a new restaurant concept has been born. Brambory is being opened by the gastronomic group Together.

Do you like potatoes like fries, patatas bravas, tortillas, in soup, with squid, or even ceviche? All this will be possible here. But of course, also in the classic potato salad, mash, or croquettes.

 Address: Na Pankráci 129, Prague 4

Brambory prague restaurant


Sensa Bistro

Located in Senovážná, Sensa has an ambitious menu spanning from Asia to South America. It is run by seasoned professionals with CVs that include the Mandarin Oriental or Orea Hotels and they could just pull it off.

Address: Senovážná 1394/8

Sensa Bistro


U Kalendů

The U Kalendů pub has stood on the site of the defunct Podskalí swimming community since the beginning of the last century.

Today, they serve fancy-free rustic food and carefully treated beer. The new concept by Ambiente blur the lines between the kitchen and the bakery – one merging with the other. Cooks process yesterday’s bread, bakers borrow hard to come by ingredients. Stop by the bakery for a crusty loaf and sweet pastry, or try the restaurant’s fried sourdough.

Address: Rašínovo nábřeží 58, Prague 1

U Kalendů prague

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