Top Czech News Headlines: Wednesday, February 16, 2022

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  • Preventive PCR tests for COVID probably will stop being covered by the public health insurance system in Czechia as of March, unless a doctor or public health officer asked for it, Deputy Health Minister Josef Pavlovic (Pirates) told CTK today.


  • Konsent and Amnesty International (AI) NGOs promoting human and women’s rights held a protest rally near the Czech Chamber of Deputies yesterday to call for a change in the legal definition of rape, arguing that sexual intercourse without consent should be considered as rape, too.


  • The Czech Republic should see above-average temperatures in the coming weeks, expected to reach up to 15 degrees Celsius. The average day temperature should be above 8 degrees Celsius.


  • Kofola group’s sales rose 7.5 percent yearly to CZK 6.636 billion last year. According to the preliminary results, EBITDA (operating profit before depreciation and amortization) rose 9.2 percent to CZK 1.125 billion, returning to the level before the coronavirus pandemic.


  • Some 11.4 million tourists stayed in accommodation facilities in the Czech Republic in 2021, which represents a year-on-year increase by 5.2 percent.
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