300,000 People Expected to Say Goodbye to Karel Gott

Prague is worried about the collapse of traffic regarding around 300,000 people are coming at Prague’s Žofín today to say goodbye to Karel Gott.

The office of the government organizing the event of the funeral estimated initially one-third of the people that are expected. According to Jana Hrubého, Chief Operating Officer of Žofín Palace, it is realistic to satisfy about 50,000 people.

Already on Thursday afternoon, the first fans began gathering in front of the venue by the Vltava River, despite a ban in Prague against sleeping in public places.

People are guided through the park on Slovanský Island to the main entrance of the palace. Outside, Karel Gott’s songs are playing as well as in the grand hall on the first floor, where the coffin will be exhibited.

A place for flowers and no long-standing at the catafalque

There are three steps to the coffin in the great hall, on which people can place flowers. The movement of people will be controlled to reach as many people as possible. People leave the small hall towards the Mánes Gallery.

On Slovanský Island, about ten mobile toilets are available at the queue. People are also able to use the public restrooms in the building.

About 130 police officers are supervising the security, Prague rescuers and volunteers of the Czech Red Cross are on the spot.

“Based on our cooperation with the City of Prague, we have 25 volunteers on-site to monitor people who come to say goodbye to Karel Gott,” said Jaroslava Marková, director of the Czech Red Cross of Prague 1.

Czech singer Karel Gott died on the 1st of October before midnight. He was 80 years old.

Another three big events are happening today in Prague: the football game between the Czech Republic and England, the ongoing annual Signal Festival and the protest by the environmental group Extinction Rebellion.



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