3 New Openings in Prague

Not only for schoolchildren is September a symbol of new beginnings. This time we will introduce businesses that opened their doors in September, so there is something to look forward to. Whether you are a fan of good beer, quality burgers, or steaks, one thing is sure: in this edition of newly opened businesses, you will find yours.

Červený Jelen

Long-awaited newcomer to Prague, especially for fans of good beer, unique space, and great food. What can you experience? Everything in Červený Jelen is subordinate to take good care of an exclusive Pilsner beer, which is unpasteurized in the tank. It is brought by a special tank directly from the brewery and is the freshest possible beer to taste. The beer stretches to the bar in the shortest way possible, and with the perfect temperature ensured.

Červený Jelen is also unique in its space, which used to be a Baroque palace with a beautiful garden. It symbolizes the return of a calm life to the centre of Prague. Therefore, you will find an interior from the architect team of Stanislava Fialy with many cubist details that follow the work of architect Josefa Gočára.

Address: Hybernská 5, Prague


Dish 2

There are probably a few of you who do not know the renowned Prague burger Dish. The good news is that the company opened a second one in September. What will the new business offer, and where can you find it? The new establishment is located only a short distance far away from the first Dish, in Belgická Street. The restaurant offers an extended non-vegetarian menu, more seating and of course their famous burgers. Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Sunday.

Address: Belgická 26, Prague


Meat Vandals

We will continue with meat and new places of well-known businesses. Not long ago, the Meat Vandals concept settled directly below the Kotva department store. They decided to expand and open a bistro in Myslikova Street. Still, you can look forward to their excellent pulled pork, jerky beef, and famous pastrami.

Address: Myslíkova 29, Prague

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