21 Czech Villages Under Lockdown

Czech authorities sealed off an area in the east of the country on Monday morning to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

Earlier on Monday, the government tightened restrictions to combat the outbreak, banning people from moving around except for work, shopping and some other limited activities until March 24.

They are: Uničov, Červenka, Litovel, Chořelice, Chudobín, Myslechovice, Nasobůrky, Nová Ves u Litovle, Rozvadovice, Savín, Tři Dvory u Litovle, Unčovice, Víska u Litovle, Benkov u Střelic, Brníčko, Dětřichov, Dolní Sukolom, Horní Sukolom, Nová Dědina u Uničova, Renoty and Střelice u Litovle.

“No one is allowed into the city except for supply drivers, paramedics, police or firefighters. People with permanent residence outside Uničov who take care of their loved ones in Uničov are also allowed. Anyone authorized to enter the city will be equipped with protective equipment at the checkpoint,” said the Mayor.

As of March 15, there are 13 new coronavirus cases in Litovel and 12 in Uničov.

Their inhabitants are no allowed to leave town, with the exception of emergencies, and no one is allowed in, except for paramedics and services.

Grocery stores, drugstores, pharmacies, pet food stores, and petrol stations are open.

According to the Ministry of Health, the Olomouc Region had the second-highest number of infected people after Prague.



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