15 Beautiful Color Pics That Capture Street Scenes of Prague in the 1980s

These beautiful color pics were taken by Simon K that show street scenes of Prague in 1987.

A busy day in Nové Město.


A coachload of students disgorges onto the plaza of Hradcány castle, with Prague city centre beyond


A flower stall in the Staré Město


A night tram enters Václavské Námesti past the Dům Dětsky department store


A restaurant in Nové Město


A Skôda turns on a sixpence in Nové Město


A small corner of the Old Town


A tram inches along Spálená


A tram travels through Spalena


A back street in Josefov, the Jewish district


A tram stop in Maléstranskě Náměsti.


A tram trundles along Jindrisska


A tram trundles through the blackness of eastern Prague


A tram stop in Maléstranskě Náměsti


A tram stop in Nove Město
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