13 Places to Eat in Prague When You Crave Italian

Everyone can make spaghetti at home, but make it like a real Italian restaurant? Hardly! And don’t get us started on pizza. Italian cuisine is considered one of the best in the world, so it’s no wonder we all love it so much. Where to go in Prague when you have a huge craving for lasagna or margherita pizza? Try one of these restaurants and enjoy the unique taste of Italy. Buon appetito.



Korunní 957/35, Prague 2, Tue-Sat 11: 00–14: 00/18: 00–22: 00,  Sun 12:00 –21: 00

Lasagneria is the biggest newcomer in Italian restaurants. Even before its opening, it has provoked a great enthusiasm among Prague food lovers, and the hype continues to this day. It is the only restaurant in Prague (and the Czech Republic as a whole) that solely specializes in preparing lasagna based on an Italian recipe. Everything is homemade – from the pasta to the béchamel to ragout. There are currently several types of lasagna to choose from: classic lasagna alla Bolognese, Quattro Formagi, Spicy, Amatriciana, Carbonara, lasagna with pesto, and even a vegan version. In addition, they add a special seasonal lasagna offer depending on the time of year. The price of lasagna varies from CZK 149 to 219.


La Finestra in Cucina

Platnéřská 90/13, Prague 1, Mon-Sat 12: 00–15: 00/17: 00–23: 00, Sun 12: 00–22: 00

La Finestra in Cucina is the second restaurant of Italian chef Riccardo Lucque. This restaurant focuses on preparing meats that come mainly from Italian and Spanish organic farms, and will also delight you with its wide selection of fine Italian wines. Interestingly, you can watch your food preparation from the first moment to its final serving through the glass kitchen. Try their delicious ravioli cacio e pepe with hazelnuts, beef tartare and black truffle. (335 CZK).


Manu Praga

Revolucni 767/25, Praha 1, Mon-Sun 11:30 – 00:0

Manu Praga brings Neapolitan classics into the heart of Prague. Owner and head chef Emanuele Ridi, originally from the island of Elba in Portoferraio, Italy, draws inspiration from his home to create his traditional Italian dishes. In a spacious, chic restaurant next to the river, you can enjoy Italian staples such as fresh antipasto, rich pasta, and a wide variety of pizzas— everything from Margherita to Buffaina to a delicious combination of Mortadella, ricotta, and pistachio— straight from the oven (prices from 195-315 CZK).


Pizza Nuova

Revoluční 1, Prague 1, Mo – Su 11: 30–23: 30

Are you craving pizza? You must definitely taste the traditional Neapolitan pizza with Italian San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil in the Pizza Nuova restaurant. Classic Margherita costs 228 CZK. If you can’t decide what you want, it is best to taste everything. As part of the Naples tasting, the waiters will serve you a selection of Neapolitan pizzas and homemade pasta (385 CZK / 1 person). The Campania degustation tasting also includes a selection of local appetizers (525 CZK / 1 person).



Budečská 998/10, Praha 2, Tue –Sun 12: 00–23: 00

Equilibrista‘s Italian cuisine in Vinohrady offers homemade pasta, juicy grilled steaks, fresh fish and seafood as well as fine Italian wines. This restaurant follows a simple motto – simplicity is beauty. Therefore, they emphasize the quality of ingredients, the aroma of herbs and the flavor of individual ingredients. What can you find on their menu? Veal ossobuco with Milan saffron risotto (365 CZK), homemade lasagna with beef ragout (285 CZK) or homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta, herbs and lemon zest, served with sage butter (275 CZK).


La Casa di Erminio

Krkonošská 1607/10, Prague 2, Mon-Sat 12: 00–23: 00

Dinner at La Casa di Erminio is like going to a real Italian home. Erminio is an Italian native of Puglia. In his restaurant, you will experience the taste of southern Italy. Meals are lighter, so do not expect cream or bacon; the basis is a lot of vegetables, especially tomatoes, olives, artichokes, basil, and parsley. When it comes to meat, they use lamb and veal most often. Not surprisingly, in this restaurant, you will often meet Italian clients who come here for the taste of home. Taste their saffron risotto with prawns and zucchini (390 CZK) or rigatoni with tomato sauce and mozzarella (250 CZK). Whatever you order, you won’t be disappointed.



Americká 20, Prague 2, Mon-Sat 11: 30–23: 00

Friendly staff, delicious food, beautiful interior and a wide selection of wines. The Italian restaurant Sapori  is somewhere that you can take your business partner or your mother-in-law and everyone will be thrilled. The quality and freshness of the ingredients are of utmost importance. Taste their black sepia risotto with calamari and tomato tartar (399 CZK) or ravioli stuffed with ricotta, spinach, pea sprouts, and almonds (309 CZK).



Betlémské nám. 11/259, Prague 1, Mo – Su 11: 00–23: 00

Alriso on Bethlehem Square is a family-run Italian trattoria that focuses on rice dishes in its various forms, from appetizers to dessert. Their menu is completely gluten-free and offers a wide range of meat or seafood. Taste delicious tuna steak with chili oil and saffron polenta (480 CZK) or the renowned risotto of Carnaroli rice in several flavors, such as Italian sausage Salsiccia or chanterelle mushrooms (285 CZK).



Náměstí Míru 1234/6, Prague 2, Mo – Sa  9: 00–23: 00, Sun  9: 30–22: 00

Aromi is an Italian restaurant specializing in fish, seafood and authentic Italian cuisine. The owner is chef Riccardo Lucque, who emphasizes quality and fresh Italian ingredients. Dinner at Aromi is one of the more expensive, but it is an unforgettable experience. What can you find on the menu? Spaghetti “Benedetto Cavalieri” with Mazzancolle shrimps and bottarga (395 CZK), Grilled lamb chops in mint – pistachio crust with baby broccoli and sauce with capers (585 CZK), or grilled octopus with baked celeriac, brown butter and orange sauce (625 CZK). PS: You can also come here for a delicious breakfast.


Taverna Toscana

Malé náměstí 11, Prague 1, Mon-Sun 11: 30–24: 00

The Toscana Taverna is the oldest tavern in Prague and is located a short walk from the Old Town Square. Since 1991, this restaurant has offered delicious pasta, focaccia, gnocchi, and authentic pizza. Taste homemade pappardelle with beef ragout (278 CZK). As the name implies, they prepare Tuscan specialties and traditional dishes.


La Bottega Bistroteka

Dlouhá 39, Prague 1, Mon – Sat 9: 00–24: 00, Sun 9: 00–22: 00 

La Bottega Bistroteka – Riccardo Lucque’s fourth bistro offers only the finest Italian products and delicacies. Taste Altamura bread, prosciutto, salami, cheese, desserts and pasta with great Italian wines. Chefs adjust the menu according to the season, so you have a choice of unique specialties. Right now, try the tagliatelle with wild boar ragout and seasonal mushrooms (315 CZK).


Casa De Carli

Vězeňská 116/5 110 00 Prague, Mon – Fri 11:00 – 23:00

Casa Di Carli offers cuisines from all Italian regions using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Chefs Matteo De Carli and Lenka Hermanová have worked as a duo in Ireland, Dubai, New York City, and nowhere in Prague where they finally settled down to open their own Italian restaurant. Try the fresh spaghetti Gerardo di Nola aglio e olio with clams, bottarga and aromatic bread (395 CZK) or the beef steak with potato terrine, wild broccoli, cauliflower and cocoa pieces (625 CZK) paired with a wide selection of Italian wines.


Wine Food the Italians

Strakonická 948/1, Prague 5-Smíchov, Mon-Sat 7.00 – 23.00, Sun 8.00 – 23.00

The Wine Food Market in Smichov brings a typical Italian concept to the Czech Republic. The large, informal market features a restaurant, cafe, bakery, fish market, and flower shop. The menu includes a range of pasta that changes every two months, as well as specialties from the grill like burgers and seafood, salads, children’s dishes, and gourmet pizzas. As the name suggests, there is also a wide selection of excellent wines. Try the Pizza Alpina with mozzarella, pancetta, arugula, and Fontina (249 CZK) or the Burger Piemontese with pancetta, pecorino, and red peppercorn chutney (289 CZK).

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