Zubr Gold Named Best Czech Bottled Beer

The most successful Czech brewery for the past 30 years is Pivovar Zubr, which won a special award also at this annual Pivex Golden Cup.

Zubr Gold has taken top honors in two categories. The Přerov brew was named best-bottled beer and best light draft beer. This year 45 brands from 13 industrial breweries took part in the two-round competition.

The Pivovar Přerov was founded in 1872. It is currently part of the PMS Přerov group, which includes Zubr, Litovel, Holba breweries and a malt house.

The aroma of the Zubr Gold is malty, with a little sweet taste and honey and diacetyl in the aftertaste. For the production of beer Zubr is used:

  • the purest water;
  • selected malt, which is brought from Pilsen;
  • local “Moravian” hops, which gained the strength of fertile soil.


Winners of the 2022 competition in the different categories:

Main winned  – Zubr Gold

Bright lager  –  Zubr Grand

Light draft (výčepní pivo)  – Zubr Gold

Dark beer (Tmavá piva) – Bernard černý ležák

Nonalcoholic beer (Nealkoholická piva)  – Birell

Best flavored beer with low alcohol content: Litovel Pomelo free.


The organizers also held a competition for the title of the best draft beer “Golden Keg” (Zlatý soudek). Here the jury evaluated 35 applicants from large factories and 11 from mini-breweries.

The best draft from large factories (lagers):

1) Gambrinus unpasteurized 12

2) Zubr Gradus

3) Braník ležák


The best mini-breweries:

1) Medlánecký Kluzák 11 – Moravia Brno brewery

2) Brněnská 12 – Steam brewery Petr Hauskrecht

3) Full fat 12 – Mini brewery Zlatá kráva

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