Žluté Lázně Opens for a New Season

Žluté lázně is starting a new season on April 30. The waterfront recreation area in the Podolí neighborhood of Prague 4 kicks off 2018 with a kid-friendly Witches Night (Čarodějnice), though this is more of an afternoon event. This is followed by a concert from František Nedvěd and his band Tiebreak.

The kid’s day and concert are free.Aside from special events, Žluté lázně on a daily basis has beach volleyball, the Czech invented game football-tennis (nohejball), petanque and table tennis, along with beach relaxation zones, children’s areas, equipment rentals and other facilities. 

Standard food options on site include grilled snacks, pizza, fries, waffles, ice cream and other treats. A pub with a terrace called Tančírna is also in the enclosed complex.

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