Zlín Tops Survey for Best Region to Live in the Czech Republic

Best Region to Live in the Czech Republic 2021

Forget the capital city of Prague. Forget Brno. The best region to live in the Czech Republic lies somewhere in between.

An annual survey by the website Místo pro život (Place for Life) has placed the Zlín region top as the best region to live. The study compares 54 criteria in eight categories to tabulate the result.

The study takes into account for example the quality of education, healthcare, infrastructure and social services, and polling a representative panel of over 1.200 respondents all over the country.

Zlín scores high in many of the areas one would expect. There is a very low crime and unemployment rate, excellent universities, a large number of dentists and doctors per citizen, a sufficient number of high-quality social institutions for the elderly, and excellent ecology.

Vysocina took second place in the ranking. It boasts affordable housing (the lowest rents in the country, the best housing-to-wage ratio, a large number of social housing), good public transportation, low unemployment and high life expectancy.

The third place went to the South Moravian Region. The region has high salaries, high-quality health care and social services, ample opportunities for leisure and recreation.

The aim of the survey is to recognise regions and regional authorities for what they got right and to provide an overview for growing problems which need to be improved.

Areas which fare poorly in given categories – be it the environment, health care, tourism or sports and leisure, or others, have little to cheer about but can use the results as a springboard at least to try and implement necessary changes in the future.

Ranking of regions in the Czech Republic in 2021:
1. Zlín Region
2. Vysočina
3. South Moravia
4. Hradec Kralove
5. South Bohemia
6. Plzen Region
7. Central Bohemia
8. Liberec
9. Olomouc
10. Moravia-Silesia
11. Pardubice
12. Karlovy Vary
13. Prague
14. Usti nad Labem


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