Zlatá Ulice – Hidden Street in the Old Town

When walking the streets of Prague city center I feel like I’m juggling two different worlds. One world is very busy, with shiny and colorful windows and full of people. But just one step can throw you into a quiet street with just a few random searching for the first world or locals running somewhere they need to be. Like Zlatá ulice.

I want to invite you to walk one street you might not even see from each of these worlds. I am not worried it will turn into the rough touristic street because there is simply nothing tempting for business and it has one specialty – it closes at dusk and opens at dawn.

Let’s check Zlatá ulice, or in English, Golden street. (Do not mistake for Golden Lane, the rather picturesque street in the Prague Castle.) Zlata ulice weaves its way through three blocks in the Old Town and it is opened from 8 am to 9 pm in winter. Maybe due to the opening hours, it is very clean and graffiti-free.

In case you miss the graffiti for some reason, go to Stříbrná street. Graffiti covers every bit of the walls there. Zlatá street was once a meeting point for goldsmiths and silversmiths because they could meet possible buyers on their way to the castle. I use it when running through the Old Town. Saves time, calms mind.

Author: Irena SchlosserYou can find the original article here

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