Zeman: “Visegrad Should Make Vaccines Mandatory”

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Czech President Miloš Zeman called on Visegrad countries to follow the Austrian example and make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for everyone.

“We should think about mandatory vaccination as Austria did because it seems like the only way to end the COVID crisis,” Zeman said during his online meeting with his counterparts from Visegrad countries – Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

Zeman could not join the V4 presidential meeting in person, as he was recently released from the hospital where he was treated for liver cirrhosis. He also tested positive for COVID-19.

According to Zeman, politicians are avoiding obligatory vaccine decisions because it would be a very unpopular move. Zeman himself is aware that his supporters would be against such a measure.

“All the politicians are afraid to say that mandatory vaccination is the only solution because they would lose votes. I can do it because after ten years, my presidential mandate is coming to an end,” Zeman said.

Zeman is performing his duties again after a 6-week stay in hospital. As he has not completely recovered and he is COVID-19 positive, his ability to work is limited.

On Friday, Zeman appointed Petr Fiala as the new Czech Prime Minister, raising eyebrows as he made the act from a plexiglass cubicle. Over the next two weeks, he is set to meet with ministerial candidates who will form the next government.

The future Czech government is against mandatory vaccination.

However, the outgoing administration is now considering such a measure for people over 60, healthcare workers, and other high-risk groups.


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