“Majority of Population Could be Vaccinated by September,” Said President Zeman

zeman vaccination september

Czech Republic’s President Miloš Zeman claims that he thinks that the majority of the population could be vaccinated by September, according to an interview he was on for Czech television.

More strict lockdown measures have been implemented from Monday (March 1), restricting people from visiting relatives in other cities outside of Prague for example, and encouraging people not to visit relatives in the same city if they are in a different household.

“This disaster is gradually coming to an end. By September at the latest, the majority of the population could be vaccinated – basically, everyone who is interested. And I believe that a slightly demented group of people who don’t want it will change their minds. I believe the epidemic will be over by September and so far, all previous cases have ended successfully. We had tuberculosis, whooping cough, smallpox, and polio. For all these diseases, vaccination worked. And that’s why vaccination should work on Covid”, commented President Zeman.

Zeman also called on everyone to abide by the tightened measures from Monday, stating that he thinks the Czech Republic has a maximum of six months ahead to bear until everything calms down and there might be a return to normalcy.

“Shutting down the industry is risky, although I wouldn’t resist that either. Now it is important that employees wear face masks and be tested. We have to give people hope, but real, not fictitious,” he said.

The President is sorry about Health Minister Jan Blatný, who is said to be observing burnout syndrome. “I feel sorry for him. I told him he was coming from the park to the jungle when he was appointed. And now the jungle has eaten him. I see burnout syndrome in him, it must be very difficult to be in his place,” Zeman added.

Jan Blatný could be replaced by ČSSD member and former Highland Governor Jiří Běhounek. Tomáš Petříček’s successor, on the other hand, would be chosen by the ANO movement, “I’ve heard of it, but it’s the Prime Minister’s business. We have a coalition agreement; you know very well that they have to agree on this with Mr. Hamáček. I’m just saying in advance that if the Prime Minister proposes it to me, I’ll comply.”

Zeman also willingly admitted that he would be considering making former Health Minister Roman Prymula an unpaid advisor.

Prymula was removed from his position as Health Minister after visiting a Europa league match during the lockdown, whilst preaching for a more severe lockdown. The President says that Prymula apologized and acknowledged his mistake.

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