Zdeněk Hřib Elected As Prague Mayor

Czech Pirate Party candidate Zdeněk Hřib was elected on Thursday as Prague mayor by the city assembly.

A total of 39 members of the 65-seat city assembly supported his candidacy. Hřib was jointly nominated by the Pirate Party and the movements of United Forces for Prague and Prague for Itself, which formed a ruling coalition following the October municipal election in the capital.

“I promise that I will treat my duties with due humility and responsibility. [Such an approach] is also needed to address the long-standing problems and challenges that Prague is facing. I believe that I will manage to create a new style of relations with the opposition and local residents,” Hřib said after the election, as broadcast by the local television.

Hřib, 37, was born in the town of Slavicin, located near the border with Slovakia. He has been living in Prague since 1999. Hřib studied medicine at the Charles University in Prague, afterward he worked in several medical companies.

Since 2013, he has been a member of the Pirate Party, which is the third largest political force in the national parliament’s lower house.

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