You Can Now Pay for Parking in Prague via Lítačka App

The PID Lítačka mobile application used to purchase tickets and coupons for public transport in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region has a new function.

Users can now easily pay for car parking in Prague’s paid parking zones through the app.

With a credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, it is now possible to pay both the public transport fare and the car parking fee with a single app.

According to Aktuálně.cz, the new features announced by the Prague City Council are already active.

Adam Scheinherr, Prague’s deputy mayor for transport, stated in a broadcast on ČRo Plus that “this new function is much more convenient for the user. They have their ticket saved there, and the app also notifies them when the paid parking has expired. This was previously only possible via the web interface, but now it is much more convenient.”

The app allows users to manage the registration plates of all their cars. They will receive a notification when the paid period ends and can extend the parking time with a single click.

Additionally, there is a map of the paid parking zones and navigation that will guide the driver to the parking place.

Tomas Barczi, CEO of Operator ICT, which is developing the app for the city, stated that “during this year, we would like to introduce another innovation, which we are working on intensively. It has to do with expanding the possibilities to find the optimal route using a combination of different means of transport.”

The new features of Lítačka are available from version 3.9.4 for iOS and 3.9.3 for Android.

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