Xvideos, Pornhub’s Largest Rival, Is Under Investigation in the Czech Republic

xvideos czech republic

Xvideos faces backlash as the site contains videos of sexual abuse against women and children.

Xvideos, one of the largest adult content platforms on the internet, will be seriously dealt with by Czech police and authorities over the revelation that the platform enables and allows the streaming and sharing of pornographic videos depicting sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation of children and minors.

It has been revealed that any user on the Xvideos’ server can upload content, with little to no restrictions. Consequently, this is the main reason why many videos on the site go unchecked before it’s too late.

Additionally, the police suspect that the site provides illegal content, which could be directly sourced from these shared videos containing child pornography.

It has been reported that the criminal police of the Czech Republic, along with the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office, are investigating Xvideos’ server.

Petr Malý, a spokesman for the Chief Prosecutor, has stated that the case has been referred to the Criminal Police Service and Investigations for further action.

This is a critical case for the Czech authorities to tackle, as the outcome has serious implications. The company that operates the Xvideos server, WGCZ Holding, has a turnover of about 1 billion CZK annually, and there is a high probability that some of their profits are directly earned from these videos containing sexual exploitation.

XVideos founded in Paris in 2007 and as of June 2020, it was the most visited porn website and the 8th most visited website in the world.

Their office is registered near Wenceslas Square and is owned by French entrepreneurs and siblings, Malorie and Stephane Pacaud.

An identical case against Pornhub transpired very recently, as it was forced to delete millions of its’ videos, following a backlash after it had been found out that the site had videos upon videos of sexual abuse against women and children.

Mastercard and Visa have already blocked and disabled any payments for Pornhub, in light of this event.

Xvideos faces the same fate, as the two giants have already banned some transactions made on the site.

“We do not tolerate the use of our network and products for illegal activities,” said Marcel Gajdos, CEO of Visa for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

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