World’s Oldest Men’s Salon Brand Truefitt & Hill Opens in Prague

The world’s oldest men’s salon chain which has styled the likes of Duke of Edinburgh besides others in the British monarchy opened his first shop in Prague.

The barbershop has been certified by Guinness as the oldest in the world and has received a royal warrant, meaning it’s officially recognized for providing services to the most senior members of the royal family. (Other companies granted this seal of approval include Heinz, Twinings and Burberry.)

Truefitt & Hill has a total of 43 barbershop shops in the world from Chicago to Shanghai, but the one in Prague’s Vinohradská Street is the first in continental Europe. And after Brexit, the only one in the European Union.

Behind the famous brand, there are two brothers: Tomáš and Petr Kuck and Šárka Kucková, the wife of the latter. In Prague, Brno, and Liberec they already manage the brands Gentlemen Brothers and Jiné Holičství for a total of six barbershops.

Truefitt & Hill also offers a complete grooming range of 150 products for men which includes shaving products, fragrances, hair, skin & bath products, and shaving accessories.

Talking about prices, you can have a haircut for CZK 790 and traditional razor shaving for CZK 690, which should not be an obstacle in the ever-growing Prague.

As well as classic barbering services, including hot-towel wet shaves, beard trimming, and colouring services, the barbershop’s “menu” offers a range of options designed to simultaneously refine appearances and alleviate the pressures of modern life.

Some of their services are quite a niche, such as facial massages; manicures; face masks; and ear, nose, eyebrow and cheek waxing, all of which are offered both individually or as part of packaged experiences.

“The first four days we are already full,” said the manager Petr Kucka on Saturday, the opening day.

According to a contract with the London headquarters, they should open a branch in Bratislava within a year.

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