Woman in Poland Found a Postcard Sent From Prague… 43 Years Ago!

Such situations do not happen often. On Thursday, a woman named Katarzyna from the Polish city of Gdańsk received a postcard from  Prague.

There was nothing unusual about it, except for the fact that the card was not addressed to her and had circulated around the world for … 43  years! Now the woman is asking for help in finding the relatives of the late addressee.

Katarzyna shared the story on Friday in a Facebook group called “Nec Temere Nec Timide“.

The stamp bears the date May 15, 79. The addressee was Mrs. Ligia  Kuśmierek from Gdańsk.

“The postcard is addressed to the first owner of my house, who is no longer alive. I know that the addressee’s husband was an assistant professor at the Gdańsk University of Technology,”  Katarzyna wrote in the post on Facebook.

The woman shared photos of an unusual postcard on a social network,  wanting to explain this mysterious situation. On the piece of paper  yellowed from old age, you can still read the following message:

“A wonderful, wonderful city, more beautiful than the wildest imaginations. The eyes want to look, although the legs are already rooted in the ground.”

The broadcaster, Ms. Joanna, also shared her culinary experiences in the capital of today’s Czech Republic. “We sit in a bar, drink Pilsner and eat fries with ketchup (there is none in Poland)” – she wrote. She also added a mysterious note about… a hedgehog. “I think about the hedgehog a lot,” she concluded.

The card seems to be in exceptionally good condition for its “age”. We hope that the relatives of Mrs. Ligia Kuśmierek will find each other!

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